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That was our aim for 2021!

Think we can do it? 😄
Think we are crazy? 😜

Either way, follow along our journey to see how we get on.  Each month we will pop an update below with how we have got on that month.  You can also follow along on instagram or facebook, where we share lots of tips on how we are reducing our waste and living more sustainably.  And, as always, remember that it’s about #progressnotperfection

us with bin.png


Where Charlotte is pointing to is approximately where our bin is filled up to so far.  It kind of looks like we are on track for now... but we have been away a fair bit this month, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to keep this up! 


Some of the big ticket items this month are:

-a pair of kids sandals

-a broken coat hanger

-a Ben and Jerry's tub

-LOTS of receipts!  (did you know that they're not recyclable?) 


Scroll down for our biggest success and biggest fail this month.


The kids were given these putty / slime things last year some time.  They mixed them with water, grass, I even found some carrot in there! (sneaky way to avoid eating your veges!!)  Basically they became a disgusting oozy mess that had to go straight in the bin before it got through the rug!


🔌EWASTE - This week we've been having a bit of a clear out of our old electronics (you know - the ones you put away in a drawer JUST IN CASE two years later when you get them out they will start magically working again??)

We had:
-3 phones, 1 dvd player, 1 remote, 1 dance party cube, a bag of used batteries, 1 camera, 1 ipod (those under 20 are going to think I just spelt 'ipad' wrong, but I didn't. An 'ipod' was a thing.) and a draw full of cords and chargers from up to 15 years ago.

I'm pleased to report that the drawer is now empty, and none of it ended up in our bin! Check out this blog I wrote for how and where we recycled them all 


Magical-Eve🌟 is showing you approximately how full our bin was at the end of February.

We are 1/6 through the year (eek!!), and it looks like we are a little more than 1/6 through our bin 😞 BUT it’s pretty loosely dropped in there... there may be a fair bit of ‘pushing down’ towards the end of the year!😂.

The pong factor 👃 is not bad yet.

Big ticket items this month include:
🚽 a broken toilet brush - gross.
☕️ crockery - we’ve had a shocking month of four broken glasses and mugs... these can’t be recycled in your curb side recycling (broken bottles/jars etc CAN).

Scroll down for our biggest success and biggest fail this month.



Our biggest fail this month is a bit of a gross one.  Our manky, hopeless old toilet brush broke (and yes I had to fish it out of the toilet 🤢)  Serves me right for getting a crappy Kmart one. I have replaced it with a beautiful beechwood one from @islaandolive -ad/gifted)


Our biggest success this month was finding out we could recycle our old paint buckets at Resene or Dulux stores.  We had thought they were destined for landfill!


Well we are officially a quarter through the year, and Charlotte (who currently prefers to go by ‘Emma the yellow Wiggle’) is showing you how full our bin is. Petey the cat is trying to get famous.

We are a little over a quarter full, but it is very loosely packed (we might be in the bin shoving it down with our feet - wine-making styles - by the end of the year! 🍇😂)

Oh, and the bin has started smelling - I’m trying not to think about what it will be like by the end of the year!


BIGGEST FAIL: breaking my finger has resulted in A LOT of medical waste. It needs new bandages and tape every day (and will do for four weeks). Medical waste is already an area that we struggle with, and this has really exacerbated it! Any tips on this would be so appreciated!

IMG-1011 (1).jpg

BIGGEST WIN: I’m nailing the yoghurt making! Thanks to @countrytradingco for getting me going on this with their lovely stainless steel yoghurt maker (ad~gifted).We also went down to one car this month! Still navigating it, and seeing if it’s doable long-term.

To see how the rest of the year went follow along on Instragram or Facebook.

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