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100 Ideas for Plastic Free July

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


Not sure what to do this Plastic Free July Aotearoa 2023 ? We have you covered!

Please comment below with what you are going to give-a-go, and feel free to ask questions about any of the ideas!

  1. Plastic free toothbrush

  2. Try toothpaste tablets

  3. Plastic free dental floss

  4. Plastic free deodorant

  5. Face wash bar

  6. Shampoo bar

  7. Conditioner bar

  8. Opt for a Safety Razor, or a razor with replacement heads

  9. Plastic free sunscreen

  10. Use a bar of soap instead of liquid body wash

  11. Try a shaving bar

  12. Plastic free toilet paper

  13. DIY dry shampoo with cornflour (and cocoa for colour)

  14. DIY Sugar scrub

  15. Hair products in glass or metal containers

  16. Hair tie street scavenging (or buy plastic free organic ones)

  17. Try a menstrual cup or disk

  18. Period underwear or pads

  19. Reusable face wipes / flannel

  20. Refillable or plastic free make up

  21. Bamboo cotton buds

  22. Buy or make a soap saver bag

  23. Solid moisturiser bar

  24. Silicone baking mat

  25. Bento lunch box

  26. Beeswax wraps

  27. Reusable yoghurt suckies

  28. Recycling soft plastics

  29. Recycle coffee pods

  30. Butter block (wrap is compostable)

  31. Baking muesli bars

  32. Baking biscuits

  33. Bread making

  34. Bread in paper bags or take your own bag to a bakery

  35. Cracker making

  36. Yoghurt making

  37. Popcorn

  38. Plant some veg and/or herbs

  39. Regrowing scraps

  40. Make your own iceblocks

  41. Buy tomato sauce refill cans

  42. Use loose leaf tea or find plastic free tea bags

  43. Compost

  44. Worm Farm

  45. Bokashi

  46. Make some reusable paper towels

  47. Buy in bulk to avoid unnecessary packaging

  48. Source milk in glass bottles

  49. Try making soy or nut milk

  50. Coffee - refill in your own container

  51. Meat in your own containers

  52. Choose unpackaged fruit and veg

  53. Check out your local Farmers’ Market

  54. Check out a refill store

  55. Use the bulk bins at supermarket (with your own bags)

  56. Plastic free pet food (homemade / cans / specialist pet food companies)

  57. Make your own multipurpose cleaner

  58. Look for concentrate cleaning products

  59. Refill cleaning products

  60. Try a soap shaker with a dish bar

  61. Wooden dish brush

  62. Natural dish cloths and scrubbers

  63. Bamboo or stainless steel clothes peg

  64. Try cloth nappies (even just one per day!)

  65. Make or buy some reusable baby wipes

  66. Biodegradable glitter

  67. Embrace hand me downs

  68. BYO container for sushi / takeaways

  69. BYO straw

  70. BYO cutlery

  71. Say no to receipts when possible

  72. BYO Drink bottle

  73. BYO Coffee cup

  74. BYO shopping bags

  75. BYO produce bags

  76. Ice cream in a cone

  77. Switch chewing gum for mints (in tins)

  78. Use a handkerchief

  79. Cut out plastic-bottled beverages

  80. Flying? BYO snacks, water bottle, cup and headphones

  81. Participate in a beach or street clea

  82. Put a No Junk Mail sign on your letterbox

  83. Opt out of paper bank statements, bills and catalogues

  84. Recycle used batteries

  85. Do some basic mending

  86. Repair something, get something repaired, or visit a repair cafe

  87. Recycle old phones and e-waste

  88. Choose pencils and/or a refillable fountain pen

  89. Look for natural fibre clothing

  90. Rent clothes for a special occasion

  91. Plastic free shoes and jandels

  92. Wooden coathangers

  93. Green gift giving

  94. Plastic free and reused gift wrapping

  95. Paper tape

  96. Leaf confetti

  97. Join a toy library / library / library of tools

  98. Join and use a free-cycle page

  99. Consider second hand before new

  100. Buy nothing new for the month (other than necessities!)

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