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E-Waste Recyclers Near YOU!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

What is the fastest growing waste stream in the world? E-waste.

Luckily, most e-waste CAN actually be reused, refurbished or recycled - and along with the growing number of obsolete or non-working phones, TVs, computers and fridges, there is also a growing e-waste recycling industry.  In fact e-waste is a rich source of precious metals and raw minerals... but also toxic materials... which is why it needs to be left to the professionals.

Below is a list of all the e-waste recyclers or drop off points that I have been able to find in NZ.  This is in no way an official or 100% complete list... please comment (here, on Instagram or on Facebook) with any additions and I will keep updating the list as you do.


NZ E-Waste Recyclers - Click on the name to go to website.

Be sure to check their websites as items accepted and prices vary.

Tech Collect - Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hastings, Hamilton, Invercargil, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmeston North, Tauranga, Rotorua and Whangarei. 16 drop off points nationwide, in Noel Leemings stores. They recycle for free most things computer-related, as well as DVD players, cameras and video cameras. Find your nearest, and what they take, on the TechCollect website.

Remobile - Cellphone recycling

E-Cycle - 30 drop off points around the country. They charge for most things (price list on their website), but desktops and servers, mice, UPSs, GPSs, digital cameras and phones are free. They also have battery recycling (I am waiting to confirm if there is a charge for this).


Able Batteries - Corner Dominion Road and Marsden Ave (758 Dominion Road) - FREE BATTERY RECYCLING!

E-Waste - Onehunga

EcoMatters - New Lynn

Electronic Recycling - East Tamaki

E Pickup - Albany


Ecodrop - Bromley, Wigram and Redwood

Kilmarnoch - Wigram


Southern Landfill - Owhiro Bay

Sustain Trust - Central Wellington

E-Waste Services - Wainuiomata

Earthlink - Lower Hutt

ITRecycler - Lower Hutt

Remarkit - Grenada North




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