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The AM Show...more info

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Did you see The AM Show on Wednesday and are looking for some more information?

See below for some of the details, or feel free to email me

TIP #1 - Shampoo, conditioner and shaving bars

The shampoo and conditioner that I had with me was from Miabelle - you can even get 10% off using the code ECOCHALLENGE at checkout.

How to use them? Just like your regular shampoo and conditioner, wet your hair, and then run the bar from front to back a few times. Use your fingers to lather up (swipe the bar a few more times if you need more) and wash and rinse as usual. It is really important that you store the bars somewhere where they can drain well - like a soap dish that won't allow the water to pool.

The shaving bar and brush was from Totally Balmy. This is the same one that my husband has been using for the last 10 months and still has nearly half left! To use it, you use the shaving brush in circular motions then apply to face with brush and work up a lather. Shave as normal!

Image from Earthware

TIP #2 - Culling Clingfilm.

Culling cling film really doesn't need to be that hard... There are some great NZ businesses who make and sell beeswax wraps, like Earthware (10% off using code ECOCHALLENGE10). Or have a go at making your own! Also, bento lunchboxes are great as well as little containers or snack bags like those made by Kai Carrier. For leftovers, or reheating food in the microwave, try popping a bowl over the top, or there are also reusable stretchy silicone plate covers.

If you're not quite ready to cull cling film altogether, check out Terracycle NZ and find out about their Glad recycling scheme.

TIP #3 - Bulking up

Buying in bulk is a great way to save on plastic packaging! How about reusing the supermarket ziplock bags at their bulk bins? You can write the number on your hand, or take a pic of it. Or if you are keen to have a go at taking your own containers to a bulk store, check out the bulk store finder app to find a bulk store near you.

How to do it?

Take in your own containers; jars, ice cream containers, takeaway containers, tupperware, just whatever you have! Go to the counter first, and they will weigh all your containers and note the weight on them. Then shop away, filling up your own containers. When you're done, head back to the counter and they will re-weigh your containers, charging you only for what you have bought.

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