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The Great Toilet Paper Trials

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

(Updated July 2023)

I don't think there are many people out there who just don't want to be eco-friendly. But other factors get in our way, convenience, lack of knowledge, and price. For those of us already attempting to reduce our waste, price is probably the biggest remaining factor. When it came to opting for a more eco-friendly toilet paper for my family, I was a bit baffled... there were the supermarket brands that marketed themselves as 'eco', but all came wrapped in plastic, or there were the three brands that I could order online, one 'naked'(no packaging, just comes in a box) and the other two in very appealing packaging. But what I wanted to know was, firstly, are they truly eco-friendly, and secondly, how do they compare price-wise?

So I decided the only way to really know was to give each one a go, and so was born 'The Great Toilet Paper Trials'! Read on to find out how they compared. (For a speedy comparison I have compiled the info into a table at the end of the article - feel free to scroll on down!)

Earth Smart:

Made from: 100% Recycled Waste Paper

Packaged in: Recyclable paper (curbside recycling - also compostable)

Made in: New Zealand.

Available: Countdown, New World, Pak n Save and 4 square.

Price: (can vary depending on shop and specials) 6 pack of double length (160 sheets 2 ply) $5.99-$7.00

Price per 100 sheets: 28-32c

Feel/texture: Actually a bit softer than the other brands. Similar thickness.

Verdict: A very cost effective option, and little shipping involved being made in NZ. 100% recycled is amazing, the recyclable/ compostable wrapping is great! For most people, the convenience of being able to buy it at the supermarket is a plus.


Made from: All Greencane products are made from an 80% mix of recycled sugarcane and bamboo fibre (bagasse), a by-product of the sugar refining process. They use timber in conjunction with this mix.

Packaged in: Comes in a box, rolls are 'naked' (not individually wrapped). Even paper tape was used rather than sellotape, making the packaging 100% plastic-free.

Made in: China. Shipped with ocean container shipping as they believe that maritime shipping offers the most carbon efficient form of volume transportation.

Available: Online at Greencane and Ecowarehouse, Farro, Common Sense Organics as well as other retailers.

Price: $56.60 for a box of 48 extra-long rolls. $53.90 per box if you buy 3 boxes / 144 rolls. PLUS shipping (preice varies). Also half-boxes available. Each roll 300 sheets - 2 ply quality.

Price per 100 sheets: 44 cents - including postage to Auckland (or 43 cents if you buy three boxes/ 144 rolls)

Feel/texture: Virtually identical to with small.

Verdict: Loving the completely plastic-free packaging. Same price as with small.

with small

Made from: 'Tree-free'! Made from bamboo. Dye and bleach-free.

Packaged in: Rolls are individually wrapped in a funky, colourful tissue paper. If you would prefer not to have the tissue paper, there is an unwrapped option too. They are then packaged in cardboard boxes. The box was sealed with (plastic) sellotape.

Made in: China

Available: Online

Price: $56.61 PLUS postage (you have to subscribe to get this price but you can cancel at any time. I just subscribed and canceled the next day) for 48 rolls of 2 ply. 300 sheets per roll. Postage to Auckland $6.90 for one box.

Price per 100 sheets: 44 cents including shipping to Auckland.

Feel/texture: Virtually identical to Greencane

Verdict: There's no denying that the wrappers are super funky and will brighten up your bathroom a bit. It's also really nice to know that no trees were harmed in the making of this toilet paper. Same price as Greencane.

EcoRoll: (Ecoware Packaging)

Made from: Bamboo. Tree-free TP, the bamboo is sourced from forests certified to the highest level of responsible forestry management.

Packaged in: Rolls are individually wrapped in a funky, colourful tissue paper. They are then packaged in cardboard boxes.

Made in: China, not far from where the bamboo comes from.

Available: Online at Ecoroll, and small retailers.

Price: $57.60 PLUS delivery (you have to subscribe to get this price but you can cancel at any time. This is for 48 rolls of 2 ply. 300 sheets per roll. Delivery to Auckland $6.87 per box. There is also a 3-ply option available (same price but for 32 rolls)

Price per 100 sheets: 45 cents (2 ply) including shipping to Auckland.

Feel/texture: I haven't personally tried it (I'd love some feedback if you have!) 2 and 3 ply options availale.

Verdict: Again, the wrappers are really cool. Great that it's bamboo and FSC certified. These rolls work out to be the most expensive once you include postage.



Earth Smart: 28-32 cents per 100 sheets.

Greencane: 44 cents per 100 sheets.

with small: 44 cents per 100 sheets.

Ecoroll: 45 cents per 100 sheets.

Made in:

Earth Smart: New Zealand

Greencane: China

with small: China

Ecoroll: China

Made from:

Earth Smart: Recycled waste paper

Greencane: Recycled sugar cane, bamboo fibre and timber

with small: Bamboo

Ecoroll: Bamboo


Earth Smart: Recyclable paper

Greencane: Cardboard box

with small: Cardboard box with individual tissue wraps

Ecoroll: Cardboard box with individual tissue wraps

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Birgit Mayer
Birgit Mayer
Jan 24, 2022

Hi, came across this blog while researching TP. Was planning on swapping to Smartass until I realised it was produced in China and wondered of environmentally friendly this was....

We use Earth Smart and after reading your research, will stick with it. As it is cheaper, made in NZ and also not cutting down trees....

Thanks for your research, as it has made mine so much easier - having it all in one spot.

Will now delve into the rest of your blog to see if I can make some more changes:)

Replying to

Same here.... All made in china! Has put me off


Susan Wills
Susan Wills
Oct 05, 2021

Hi, just wanted to highlight that Paseo only get a D in this Australian TP guide due to where they get their raw fibre from (they have been criticised for their forestry practices – not so sustainable).

Juliet Dale
Juliet Dale
Jan 24, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for this! Will look into it some more.


Love your research. Have been looking for information on toilet paper so I could make better purchasing decisions taking into account the environment and supporting NZ made. Your blog has answered a number of questions for me. Thanks

Juliet Dale
Juliet Dale
Jan 24, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! That’s so cool to hear :)


Nice Blog...Thanks!!

Juliet Dale
Juliet Dale
Jan 24, 2022
Replying to

You’re welcome!

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