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The Great Toilet Paper Trials

I don't think there are many people out there who just don't want to be eco-friendly. But other factors get in our way, convenience, lack of knowledge, and price. For those of us already attempting to reduce our waste, price is probably the biggest remaining factor. When it came to opting for a more eco-friendly toilet paper for my family, I was a bit baffled... there were the supermarket brands that marketed themselves as 'eco', but all came wrapped in plastic, or there were the two brands that I could order online, one 'naked' and one in very appealing packaging. But what I wanted to know was, firstly, are they truly eco-friendly, and secondly, how do they compare price-wise?

So I decided the only way to really know was to give each one a go, and so was born 'The Great Toilet Paper Trials'! Read on to find out how they compared.


Made from: 100% recycled from post-consumer waste. This means paper that would otherwise go into landfills.

Packaged in: Soft plastic

Made in: Queensland, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

Price: (can vary depending on shop and specials) 6 pack of double length (400 sheets 2 ply) or 12 pack standard length (200 sheets 2 ply) $5

Price per 100 sheets: 18/19 cents

Feel/texture: Not a notable difference from the other two brands. Similar thickness. On very close inspection it is a little rougher.

Verdict: A very cost effective option, and little shipping involved being made in Aus and NZ. 100% recycled is amazing, the plastic wrapping is quite a big downside. For most people, the convenience of being able to buy it at the supermarket is a plus.


Made from: All Greencane products are made from an 80% mix of recycled sugarcane and bamboo fibre (bagasse), a by-product of the sugar refining process. They use timber in conjunction with this mix.

Packaged in: Comes in a box, rolls are 'naked' (not individually wrapped). Even paper tape was used rather than sellotape, making the packaging 100% plastic-free.

Smartass above, Greencane below

Made in: China. Shipped with ocean container shipping as they believe that maritime shipping offers the most carbon efficient form of volume transportation.

Price: $50.30 (including North Island postage) for a box of 48 extra-long rolls. Each roll 300 sheets - 2 ply quality

Price per 100 sheets: 35 cents BUT these rolls of toilet paper, despite being technically the same (300 sheets 2 ply) as Smartass, lasted significantly longer. I don't know why.. but when you look at the two new rolls side-by-side Greencane do appear bigger.

Feel/texture: Virtually identical to Smartass.

Verdict: Loving the completely plastic-free packaging. Although these appear to be the worst value for money, when you factor in the fact that each roll lasts longer than the Smartass, I would say that this is a better option than Smartass value-wise.


Made from: 'Tree-free'! Made from a combination of bagasse (A waste product from sugarcane, and bamboo, free of inks, dyes, and perfume.

Packaged in: Rolls are individually wrapped in a funky, colourful tissue paper. They are then packaged in recycled cardboard boxes. The box was sealed with (plastic) sellotape.

Made in: China and Taiwan

Price: $49.20 including delivery (you have to subscribe to get this price but you can cancel at any time. I just subscribed and canceled the next day) for 48 rolls of 2 ply. 300 sheets per roll.

Price per 100 sheets: 34 cents

Feel/texture: Virtually identical to Smartass.

Verdict: There's no denying that the wrappers are super funky and will brighten up your bathroom a bit. It's also really nice to know that no trees were harmed in the making of this toilet paper. When I took into account how long each roll lasted, these worked out the most expensive.

Prizegiving time:

Price: Earthcare take this one out hands down. Greencane and Smartass are similarly priced, although I consider Greencane to be slightly more cost-effective, so I give them the silver medal.

Materials: I'm no expert here and would love to hear some feedback, but to me, this award is a tie between Smartass (tree-free) and Earthcare (100% recycled paper). Greencane still gets an honorable mention here too.

Packaging: Greencane win in this field, being completely plastic free. Smartass are a close second and also get the 'funky' award. Earthcare also get a mention here for being locally made and therefore having less carbon footprint from shipping.

And the winner is... tell me! Comment below or on facebook or instagram to let me know which one gets your vote.


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