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My Inspiration

The Great Eco Challenge is about two things; encouraging and educating. BUT if I manage to INSPIRE someone to actually make changes, or even just one little change, in the way they do things, well... then I've hit the jackpot!

Which got me thinking... what makes someone or something inspiring? And who or what inspires me?

Here are the six (I know five would have sounded better but I just couldn't choose!) eco-focused Instagrams that I turn to when I am in need of a good dose of inspiration!


Kate is an eco-blogger and writer who documents her daily eco-living with a sustainable fashion focus. What inspires me about Kate is that she is so genuine and honest (and not afraid to be a bit of a dork sometimes!), has an awesome personality, and gets her messages across without being preachy. She is always positive with a quirky touch, and has wit and knowledge way beyond her years!

Kate Hall from @EthicallyKate

Laura from UYOC is a straight up, no-crap kinda girl! She is intensely passionate and not afraid to drop the F-bomb for a good cause! UYOC is a cafe and eatery directory that

represent cafes who are committed to minimising their environmental impact by welcoming us to use our own cups when we take out. In her own words "We have no ego - we just want to see the world we leave behind to be one that life can thrive in, respecting the rights of all living things to clean air, water and land." Laura inspires me because she is unapologetically herself, and 'herself' just happens to be a f#$ken awesome chick.


Krystal and her hubby Simon share their journey to less waste and less plastic through her stories, posts, podcasts and blogs. It was their love of travel that got them thinking about making conscious decisions to reduce their impact on the environment, and now they truly live and breath a near-zero-waste lifestyle. From going car-less, to avoiding the supermarket as much as possible, their page is full of tips that inspire me to live a less-wasteful life.

Krystal and Simon from @TheEcoSociety


The only non-kiwi on my list! Em Ehlers is an Aussie Eco-writer, illustrator and all-round awesome chick. She inspires me because she is talented (her sketches are amazing), has a deep knowledge when it comes to sustainability, and she is an absolute crack up! Her stories and posts teach me a loads, while regularly making me laugh out loud!


Shay is a chilled out surfer chick who loves the sea and nature and wants to #beatplasticpollution. Shay shares her tips to live more sustainably and what inspires me is her caring, inclusive approach. She doesn't tell people what do do, she just shares her passion in a fun and gentle way.


EcoMailbox started when Charlene, passionate about sustainability, grew tired of continuously putting wads of junk mail straight into the recycling bin. It has now grown into a full-blown social enterprise with a vision of keeping tonnes of junk mail out of the ecosystem and providing sustainable alternatives.  Ecomailbox is all about making it easier for households and businesses to reduce waste and save, whether it be by using their free 'no junkmail' stickers or by following their beautifully curated tips on how and where to find fantastic sustainable alternatives. Charlene inspires me through her eye for all things good, and the supportive, caring community that she has created.

Feeling inspired? Writing this I have definitely noticed some common themes: The people who I find inspiring are unashamedly themselves, intensely passionate and they make others feel good (whether that be through their wicked sense of humour, their kindness or their accepting without judgement) . And while I didn't set out to do so, it's also turned out to be a bit of a 'girlpower' list! I only hope that I might be able to inspire one personlike these guys have inspired, and continue to inspire me!

Where do you get your eco-inspiration from? Let me know so I can check them out... a girl can never be too inspired :)

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