The Products we Use

First thing's first, living a more sustainable life is not about racing out and buying every shiny new eco gadget and gizmo.  We fundamentally believe in using what you have, making it last and shopping secondhand.  However, there are some products that we use, and love, and have really helped us in our eco-journey.


Some of these businesses we work with, some links are affiliate links which means we make a tiny bit of commission if you buy anything (which gives us a little bit of money back and something for the time it takes us to keep this site going), but many are not, these are just products that we use and love.  (We ONLY work with brands whose products we already use and think are amazing)




1.  Ecostore dish powder and dishliquid

2.  Soap cage and dish soap from Soapshakers

3.  We refill our jars at Bin Inn Onehunga

4.  Panasonic bread maker

5.  Good Change and Norwex dish cloths

6.  Ecostore dishbrush



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