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A Clean Shave - Safety Razors - The Verdict!

So I have done it. After a year of being too scared of attempting to shave with a Safety Razor I have just shaved my legs.

The verdict? Sweet as. (For you non-New Zealanders that means 'all good'. Hang on, is 'all good' a kiwi phrase too?!? OK, it went WELL..

(To find out more about what a Safety Razor is and why I wanted to use one but was too scared, check out the previous blog post.)

Before I started I watched a few 'how to' videos on Youtube. This is the one that I found most useful... She actually shaves her legs in the video. It's a bit weird watching a video of someone shaving their legs but it's probably also the best way to learn.

The main pieces of advice that I took were:

-Handle the razor and blades carefully by holding it by the two ends of the blades.

The actual blade

-How to actually put the blades in the razor. I couldn't believe how simple this was. With mine I just twist the bottom of the handle so the 'wings' on top open up, pop the blade in, and twist it closed. Voila!

Popping the blade into the razor.

-Get a good soapy lather - I just used my regular bar of soap

-Shave on a 30 degree angle... this was probably the bit I was most apprehensive about, like, did I need to take a protractor?!? As it turns out, I think I have always shaved on a 30degree angle, it feels like the natural angle to shave!

-You don't need to apply much pressure - the weight of the razor does the work, so just glide it up.

-Go slow. I definitely did this. I've probably never shaved so slowly. I definitely picked up speed as I went though, and I am happy to report NO CUTS! I even got uber-confident at the end and shaved my knees.

-Clean and dry razor afterwards and store in a dry place. Done.

I can very honestly say that it was NO BIG DEAL at all shaving with a Safety Razor! I really didn't have anything to be scared of. And the best bit? My legs have never ever felt so smooth. A truly CLEAN SHAVE, in all senses of the words.

If you've got anything to add, or want to ask anything, please ask, either here or on The Great Eco Challenge Instagram or Facebook pages.

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1 Comment

Thanks for the advice. I'm a bit scared to use my safety Razor too but this made me feel a bit more at ease about it! 😍

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